Loving my life
Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 7:12 PM | 0 notes

i got a fever today.i very2 sad.why i got fever on this week??this tuesday i have to run.i have to win for green house...arghhhh....this year is the first year i can represent the green house..hahahhahh...wish me healthy..hahhahaha..:D

My Future!!!
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This is what i want on my future.i want to achive my dreams,my ambition and marriage before

My Dream:
1.go to Makkah and Madinah

2.go to Korea,Taiwan,Japan,Ireland
3.chat with minho..(huahua..angan)

My ambitious:

I want to be a doctor.Beside that,i want to open a restaurant with name `mnougy'..it's sound yummy.

I hope i can achieve this before my age goes to 25 y/old.My future husband must be gentle,handsome,romantic,caring ,have a halal work,alim and love me.Most important not a smoker.

jeju island,korea


My self;)
Thursday, April 8, 2010 @ 12:53 PM | 2 notes

i want to tell u guys about my self....hahahahaha

Hye...i just wanna tell u guys about my self..ok...my name is ANIS NADHIRAH bt MOHD SHARUDDIN...i was born on 26 october 1995 at Hospital kajang. now im 15 teen. i loved fifteen song by taylor swift. hahaha. i was scholl at JESS or Jalan Empat Secondary School. ahhahaha. i loved to eat TOM YAM and like to drink Lemon ice. i live in N 9...it's to far from my school but i just happy to live there. hahaha. i have a great friend: ZEEYA,ZERY,AINA...and the other great friend.hahaha.this year is the scary year n the best year. scary year because i have to take PMR exam.best year because i represent my school in MSSD and KAWAD KRS.hahahah..poyo..ok im tired right now..so bye for now..