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what will happen??my friend-zery??
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ha??do u believe it!!i don't..my friend zery just kept crying she must be so sad because she is ss501 big fan..so what can we do..that the results that has been made..so Hwaiting zery..hahahaha..ss501 kept going..

im look foward shinee comeback ;D
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shinee at kbs world cup

yay..after many month i waiting for shinee comeback and finally i know that they will out this july..ah chinca!!hahahaha.After false alarms regarding a spring comeback, is SHINee really making their return in July? Signs are pointing to a big ‘yes’! Although haven’t received official word from SM Entertainment and promotional material has yet to surface, fans are abuzz with new rumors that SHINee is joining the summer storm of comebacks..Upon closer inspection, each member’s hairstyle has undergone a radical transformation – Taemin’s mushroom-inspired days seem to be over, Minho is back to black, and Key’s hair may be… non-existent?hahahaha..ARE YOU READY FOR IT???let's wait for it

Leader Onew slipped during today’s performance

yes i have thier schedule to here have a look

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)
7/12 Album Release (scheduled)

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hye..good morning to u all..now nk cete de bnde plik dlm sej hidp aq...hahahahaha..siot lwk gile de sorng mamat nih..hahahaha..x leh nk cite..serius lwk gile..huhuhu...x pe la mls aq..ni ha aq dok sebok wat folio sume org da siap aq je blom lg..maklumlah aq en pmlas..hahahaha..lmbt asl slmat en...cantik un de gak..hahaha..aq nk g tngk movie r..cete prince of persia n karate kid...tp de je masalah yg mnggngu hidupku ini..hahaha..sapa nk kuar??ajk la aq eh..tp aq msti mls hahahhaa..nk g gnting rambut tp x tergntng-gntg..ish2..hahaha..ha..ari ahd nk g pd ngn zareq..da lame x g jln ngn dorng..sure best sikit..hahaha..sikit jela..hahahah..k ah mau break fast..bye..koreh!!!goge!!bobu!!ngongek!!hahahaha

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something happened last night..i had a dream!!!wa~~~fantastic..i know you all must think that was a normal thing but for me it's a miracle..coz i hard to have a dream..ahahahaha..and that dream was very lovely,happily and hahahahha...aq mimpi aq jumpe hankyung..hahahahaha..setahu aq la aq x penah la plk suke hankyung tp x tau la phl kuar kt mimpi aq..nape la x minho or jang guen suk lelaki yg aq suke..hahahahaha..x pe la aq terima..mcm nie cete die..hahahaha..aq un x tau la mcm mne cete die tp dlm uh die jd ckg (lwk en)...m.cik aq de la pnggil 3 org ckg dtg umah die tah wat pe..then hankyung paki spec but aq cam la..aq sebok dok kate 'hankyung,hankyung super junior uh'hahahahha...pastu ajk la die mkn..da lame mkn uh aq ngn kak sedara aq borak ah ngn die...pastu die ckp die nk balik..die bla r..aq kejar die..tarik baju die..hahahaha..kemaruk sngt la tuh..hahahaha..aq tnye die 'ko nie hankyung en??super junior uh???muke die blur je..hahahha..then die senyum n ckp yes..hahahahaha..aq ckp la 'patut la mcm penah tengok'..aq suro la dy send regard aq kt geng-geng die..pastu dy cakp eunhyuk???hahhahaha..mcm tau-tau je aq ske eunhyuk..mule-mule aq ckp x pastu aq ckp ye...hahahahaha..aq suro sampaikan slm aq kt eunhyuk,siwon,leetuk,heechul then aq lupe sape lg..aq tnye la sape lg geng die..pastu tibe2 mcm ne la die tau kt uma m.cik aq uh de poster dorng..hahahahaha..die tnjuk ah sape lg geng die..yg pelik nye pandai n paham lak die ngn bahasa melayu dlm mimpi aq nih..hahahahaha..tibe2 aq ternampk la heechul ngn leetuk nk dtg kt hankyung..aq ckp dlm hati 'haish kaco line aq tol la dorang
nih'hahahahaha..bile heechul ngan leetuk da nk smpai ,aq HUG hankyung then terus lari..LOl...hahahahahahahaha..dpt la rse baju die cm ne..badan die un mantap gak hahhahahha..YA ALLAH ANIS...ko tu islam...hahahahahahaha...best gak mimpi aq nih..but de pe sebalik batu????hahahahaha..BYE..aq harap korang un de mimpi cm aq gak..hahahahha..mesti korng x nk en..hahahaha..bangga aq dpt ckp ngn hankyung (dlm mimpi) hahahahahahahaha..I LIKE HANKYUNG!!!right now..hahahaha

what a good story??
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hi..just wanna say good morning since it still 11.16 am..last week is my busiest week,coz i had my exam and my family prepared a weeding for k.yong (ank mamy)..hahahahha..the exam was going smoothly,eventhough i know that i can't get all 'a'..hahha..im not confident..but i sure i can get straight 'A' for PMR..hahhaaha..the weeding also going smoothly..on the nikah night,i wear colourful cloth i upload the photo on fb..and my friend said that cloth beautiful..ape lg kembang aq..ahhahaha but i call the cloth 'cadar'..why (lu pikir la sendiri) hahahha..saturday morning,the weeding just about to starte sara cry...she refuse want to wear dress..haish (what a bad eng)...hahhahahahhaha..the school holiday just started..and i very happy..hahhahaa..tautau jela..BYE for now..spechless..hahahhahaha

my lovely sis..hahaha