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im look foward shinee comeback ;D
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shinee at kbs world cup

yay..after many month i waiting for shinee comeback and finally i know that they will out this july..ah chinca!!hahahaha.After false alarms regarding a spring comeback, is SHINee really making their return in July? Signs are pointing to a big ‘yes’! Although haven’t received official word from SM Entertainment and promotional material has yet to surface, fans are abuzz with new rumors that SHINee is joining the summer storm of comebacks..Upon closer inspection, each member’s hairstyle has undergone a radical transformation – Taemin’s mushroom-inspired days seem to be over, Minho is back to black, and Key’s hair may be… non-existent?hahahaha..ARE YOU READY FOR IT???let's wait for it

Leader Onew slipped during today’s performance

yes i have thier schedule to here have a look

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)
7/12 Album Release (scheduled)