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what a good story??
Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 11:10 AM | 3 notes

hi..just wanna say good morning since it still 11.16 am..last week is my busiest week,coz i had my exam and my family prepared a weeding for k.yong (ank mamy)..hahahahha..the exam was going smoothly,eventhough i know that i can't get all 'a'..hahha..im not confident..but i sure i can get straight 'A' for PMR..hahhaaha..the weeding also going smoothly..on the nikah night,i wear colourful cloth i upload the photo on fb..and my friend said that cloth beautiful..ape lg kembang aq..ahhahaha but i call the cloth 'cadar'..why (lu pikir la sendiri) hahahha..saturday morning,the weeding just about to starte sara cry...she refuse want to wear dress..haish (what a bad eng)...hahhahahahhaha..the school holiday just started..and i very happy..hahhahaa..tautau jela..BYE for now..spechless..hahahhahaha

my lovely sis..hahaha