Loving my life
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 2:14 PM | 0 notes

yesterday after done the 'wishing' post i log into fb then my friend 'ZKYU BOOGIE' send me a post saying 'Anis,dh boleh cek online.Huhu aku x dpt:(((! Tp ayh aku dh bt e-rayuan dh..and i was like really??..and my heart just like ' Listen to my Heartbeat It's beating for you Listen to my Heartbeat It's waiting for you' hahaha..and then i search and found the link,click,type and the result is 'HARAP MAAF. DIMAKLUMKAN ANDA TIDAK DITAWARKAN KE TINGKATAN 4 SEKOLAH BERASRAMA PENUH 2011.' and yes i don't get it wahhh..why i'm happy??because there's no need to saying good bye to my friend hahaha.bye!!!