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Big Bang,2ne1 and Ukiss in Malaysia
Saturday, February 19, 2011 @ 5:06 PM | 0 notes

Now they are coming to Malaysia.yeah!!yeogi in Malaysia do u believe it? yeah i know many girls out there has been waiting for this moment for like YEARS~~haha but who's i'm talking about?who's gonna come to Malaysia? It's BIG BANG AND 2NE1!!! YES!them,but i don't care about them actually because i only care about my Ukiss(a big much) and Beast(a big little).

AND that is why ukiss is coming to!!YEAH HERE MALAYSIA!! AND because they also care about me!!errrrrrr~~haha yeah care for me coz i'm a kiss me!! i think so kekeke. I need to see and watch them but i think i'm gonna regret my whole life,but why?coz i'm just 16 years old i do not have any job and mama papa just can't give me a big amount of money coz they still have other daughter to take care. I can't use my money in bank coz it's for future kahkah.heeeeee~~emo!!But DO U KNOW WHAT??IF u buy Rm800 ticket then it's not like you just can shake their hand,hugging,kissing errrrr~~and talking but you can also stay with them for 2DAYS1NITE !! LIKE WHAT!!!! ( shout from a fan girl) haha YEAH OK!! I don't care about it!!
SHIN DONGHO OPPA!! come to Malaysia every year you can only stop coming here just until when i can but my own ticket ok?ARRASO? tsk,tsk,tsk~~jinjja seulpeuda!
(stole the pic from oppa twitter )

for your information and based on what i read they just gonna do a fanmeeting not a BIG concert.fill your head with the information here:
Big Bang & 2ne1