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You Grab My Attention
Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 10:21 AM | 0 notes

Oh no!!you know who grab my attention??and why i shout oh no!!? it's because the one who grab my attention is Wooyoung from 2pm!! But...but i don't really like 2pm waaaa~~hahaha but nothing change actually coz my heart still with ukiss and shin dongho hahaha. Wooyoung grab my attention coz when i'm watching dream high the milky couple was so CUTE!!jinjja!!I love the part from ep13 when Pil suk sing with Sam Dong then Jason(wooyoung) smile when IU sing but when Sam Dong sing he was just like *WTH* HAHAHA XD.I'm in love with Dream High!!ep14 palli i just can't wait any longer kekeke.
How cute they are HAHAHAXD

Hahaha this morning when i log in my FB and then see something haha. And when i read i was like 'nak tengok,nak tengok hahaha' and what is that?its actually a video about K-Pop Ucc Craze haha and its about people who love k.pop and imitate the real Mv.

Tomorrow my school have a celebration for SBT(sekolah berprestasi tinggi) hahaha bestnya it's not like i LOVE it.oh no no!!it's because Math tak adela keke.ok see ya!!