Loving my life
Time flies so fast
Wednesday, June 8, 2011 @ 8:40 PM | 0 notes

wohowww!! today is wednesday, tommorow is thursday and then it come to monday,and my school holiday is over! Why did time flies sooo fast! Time please stop! huhuhu cuti ni tak best pun, actually setiap kali cuti tak pernah best pun haha

Today ukiss is coming to Malaysia, i think they're very excited to be here, you know why kevin,eli,and soohyun just keep tweeting about coming here hehehe i feel so proud to be malaysian. I just reply kevin tweet he ask 'how the weather today' i say 'its fine but kinda hot' hahaha nonsense right! well i'm so happy even i can't go to the showcase.

he upload this photo *going to malaysia*

well,school is starting soon! i have to done all my homework, annyeong ^^