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Cover Dance Festival
Sunday, July 3, 2011 @ 10:56 AM | 0 notes

Hi, i got something to share with you. I bet you already know about this,but i just gonna share what i think about it. Yeah, this Cover Dance Festival is actually for celebrating of 'Visit Korea Year'. Wow!! The Korea Wave is seriously Daebak!

You know what, i never thought that my country (Malaysia) would got a high hits. This SHINee Lucifer got a high hits, have a look.

Please have a look at this to, it's some my favourite , well i care to much about my country. We got the 4th highest hits with just 18 participants (until now) and got the 2nd highest vote. Malaysia go go go! Oh yeah, tonight Malaysia football team will against Taiwan football team for World Cup Qualifier hope will win. Go guys.

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For your information EPSILON is one of the best cover group in Malaysia!