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Holiday is the best best thing ever!
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 4:05 PM | 0 notes

Now i'm on holiday!! 'Say what?' Yahooooo! Okay actually aku dah start cuti 3 hari lepas sekarang tinggal dalam 5 hari macam tu la kot. Fyi, esok my birthday! The most special birthday since I was born. Hahahaha yeah my birthday is on Depavali. I know i'm so lucky right? :P Forget about my birthday first, i'll write a long long post tomorrow ya don't forget to read it .

Actually, my exam is not over yet. It's just a break. There's still 5 paper left. But i'm not study at all. Maybe tomorrow? I'll say the same thing tomorrow then i'll just study when the time has come. Right? This is me! My mom already admit it, she say that i'm not gonna study until the time has come. But one thing! I'm not gonna do this attitude for my SPM, start from the new year i'll just study study and study! Yeah! Hope I can get a really good results from the first exam until SPM. Only then, my mom will pay all my expenses to Korea! I want to buy seriously a lot of album there! Alalehh !

You know what? for this little break I want to finish watching all drama that has been postponed by me. Heartstrings  Myeongwol spy . Now watching Protect the boss damn its funny! Seriously I can't stop laughing. I don't expect that Jaejong ( JYJ ) would take that lead, it's just to childish. Even the serious scene can be funny. The bad character in that drama also will be funny. Haaaa I love Protect the boss so damn much! To those who hasn't watch this drama, I warn you! Please watch! Damn funny.

Okay i'm done :) See ya tomorrow. Don't forget to read my post special for my birthday. Hahahaha Bye