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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 @ 9:43 PM | 0 notes

Just like what I wrote on my post yesterday, today i'll write like seriously a longgggggggggg post. Well, actually i'm not. I don't have enough time and don't feel like too. Okay, I'm gonna start my stories and my speech now, make sure read it okay! HAHAHA

First in the morning, Its about 5.45am cause I can hear azan subuh. I was 'yeah! today is my birthday'. Then, I check on my phone, but damn its already die. Why? Last night before I went to dreamland I put the earphone on and let the songs play, without knowing I fall asleep. Yeah of course my phone died. I can't wait to watch on my phone. But everyone is still sleeping, so I don't. My mom woke me up and she ask me to done my prayer. So i'll just go,but the first thing I search is the charger. After I sucked the charger to my phone, I done all the phone ask me to put. Okay, then the message enter. Thanks Dalila :) there's still a few but nevermind. Yeah cik boogie kita wish aku pada masa yang lebih kurang sama macam tahun lepas, dia cakap dia ngantuk. Okay Thank you so much baby!

Whateva happen on the early morning till afternoon , I'm just to lazy to write what has happen. But I got some money! Wow favourited ! I never expect that tok cik would give that much. Hahaha thanks tok cik and mammy! Alaleh, then we went to visit my sister, there my dad gave me some money. You know what! aah menangis! Hahahaha reason? Stupid! Just way too stupid! Okay thanks to my friends on FB for the wishes . Even I don't log in to my Fb but I read it from my e-mail, thanks again everyone. And for whoever wish me THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU ALL *A BIG MUAHHHH*

My best friend wishes

Zeeya :

  The speech she send me.

The speech she put it on her blog.

Ainur : 

She send me this text.

Izzati :

Funniest ever!