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Crush is really something
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 10:26 AM | 0 notes

Today is nothing special but I suddenly thinking about my past crush so I would to post some about it. In this sixteen years of living in this world I already have 3 crush that I wishing and hoping that they would be mine. Sometimes I thing they will like and loving me but nah it's all imagination yeah only in my dream. I never told about who's the mysterious guy to my friends or even my best best friend. Maybe I had but I barely remember about that. Well my zodiac is scorpio so i'm a mysterious girl that people find it hard to take a guess what's in my mind. My past crush :

1. Primary school

That's when I had my first crush, It's not my first love. I don't know why i'm falling for him. The thing that I know is he sitting beside me yeah as my deskmate together with 2 other guys. I'm the only girl there. Since he sitting just beside so we quite close. But then I get to know that he like the other girls, my own classmate. My heart was okay fine. He bought a watch for the girl and ask me to give it to her. Heh! you wanna a kung fu kick from me? Yeah that feeling I had when he ask me to. Okay, I gave it. The next year, that girl move to other school. Wow! good chances for me,but nahh he never had a feeling for me until we graduate from the primary school. Bye my first crush, I don't like you anymore :P

2. Secondary school

My second crush is memorable. I don't want to tell how and when I falling for him. Yeah it's in secondary school. We're close at first but then I find it hard us to talk right? I don't know what's the real problem. When we don't talk to each other, i'm still hoping that you will like me and there's a time I thought you like me. But nahh of course it's all a lie, he's then with other girl /pang pang pang/ eff you boy!
Bye, since I had another crush so I don't like you anymore :P

3. Secondary school

Third crush is hard. At first I really think that he is bad, but then I think he just fine, yeah again he is so bad! Hahaha I stalk him sometimes. I read what he wrote and sometimes I'm wishing that is me who he talks about. I don't have much story to write about this third crush. But, I'm hoping that he would be mine.
Bye third crush i'm trying to forget about you :P

Sometimes I think why it's hard for them to like me back?
Hahaha well I never make a move tho.
As a girl I hope that a guy would make a move first