Loving my life
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So the 2012 year is only a day left. Now im writing a post that to be publish on the 1st day of 2012. Waiting for it yaw HAHAHA

Old song are inspiring
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Actually I really loved old song. I mean like the awesome one. Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and some others . I don't why but it feels like i've been influenced to sing this song Hahahaha. So here's some of my favourite song.

                                                         Love this song damn much

I always sing this song when I would like to test my voice Hahaha

It was Charice who made me loved this song. She sings it awesomely.

There's some other song but these are enough to show how much im interested with 90s songs. Hehehe

SPM 2012
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Well, as a people or a student I have a lot of dream. I don't how to say if there's someone who's really don't have a dream (it is tho) . You're so yeahhh *that* hahahaha. Eh for your information i'm going to be seventeen next year , but the official one is about 10 months more. Going to seventeen is so hard, stress, crazy, awesome, and what's more? Ada SPM kot! As in Malaysia SPM is one of the big exam and mostly it's the lead of our future. Errr maybe im to over saying kot. The awesome thing is about being a senior and it will be my last year of school huahuhua. Actually being a senior to me is nothing cause im just like a 'skema' girl but don't you ever to imagined that im the same as in the drama. I don't talk to people much so that's why there's awkward everywhere Hahahaha. So lets start the wishing.

Spm!! Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia! Every single person who is seventeen will take this exam and its so dangerous! Wow! I don' how to face this big exam. I wonder why they made us to study all of the hard things, I mean like yeah it may be used but what's for. I need a teacher who can explain why I need to learn all those things. So here's the biggest wish for me this year, it's the BIGGEST BIGGEST okay straight A's SPM 2012! So lets start study so hard as I can, Yeah! ANIS NADHIRAH BT MOHD SHARUDDIN IS THE BEST! hikhikhik

Muhamad Yusuf Aqil
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Hey, fyi information I baru dapat adik baru and he is the only boy. Actually takde lah baru sangat but baru la jugak cause dia baru je masuk 4 bulan. And now dia dah jadi so fuckin comel! As his sister of course I'll always say that he is the cutest baby in this world right? Hahaha Okay, and now aku kena tunggu dia jadi 6-8 months baru sedap nak tonyoh dia hahahaha. I hope that he will be a handsome boy, tall, clever, soleh and a gentlemen. Hahaha so here's some of picture of my boy ngeee :D

Hey guys! My name is Muhamad Yusuf Aqil and now i'm 4 months. I hope I can be a nice guy. Pray for me yaw! Hehehehe

Awesome! I want this!
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Wahai duit bilakah kau nak jadi banyak dan more than enough to buy all this things? Haaa god, seriously this things (below) are awesome. If I don't get all of them ,it's so awesome if I only get one of this. Today I'll be a spokesperson for all this products, teheee :D

1. Olympus Pen - E-PM1

Seriously I would love to have this camera, truly speaking I don't like DSLR but if someone give that as my present okay, I LOVE THEM! but if I had to buy it with my own money I won't buy DSLR. Reasons? Too many people had used it. Hahaha. Okay, this Olympus Pen - E-PM1 is so cute. My aunt dah beli! and me of course la jealous. But yeah I won't but this as my aunt already buy it. So for further information please click here.


Sample picture

2. Nikon 1

The first of its kind. Yeah! It's rather the same as Olympus Pen-E-PM1 but this camera has its own advantages. This Nikon 1 is awesome! We can choose our favourite color ( black,white,red,pink) . If its me I want pink, its not like I love pink but it's so stylish and glamour. Okay, since I can't buy Olympus Pen-E-PM1 , I would love to have this. The price is about 2+++. For further information click here.


Sample picture

3. Samsung galaxy note

Okay, this is so damn awesome! Seriously money please come to mama! I want to buy this right now! Smartphone+Tab+Notebook+Camera= Samsung galaxy note, how awesome is that right? You can use it as phone, computer, camera, and even as a paper. I mean like you can sketch on the galaxy note with very detailed okay. It's not too small and not to big, it's just right. You can plan your life better with this. 

This is one of the reasons why I want this samsung galaxy note so much. You can write with your own handwriting. Image cropping and put it together. And then you can record your own voice. Okay seriously this is awesome! This is really helpful for all carrier okay! Watch this video (below) it will make you wants to buy it even more, if it's not ,it's up to you laa. for more information click here 

Samsung galaxy note

4. Samsung smart tv.

Actually dah lama gila aku survey benda alah ni, hahaha. Seriously I want this. Mom buy this please? *aegyo* This is tv but the function is awesome. Penat dah aku survey benda alah ni. Nak beli, tv sekarang pun baru lagi je pun. Hahahaha. I just want to buy a smaller one,but still have all the awesome function can I? But if ada duit lebih nak laa jugak beli yang 55 inchi punya. For further information click here , seriously please click on it cause you know what,the advertising is so awesome! It feels like... Hahhaha can't even explain it.

Samsung smart tv


Okay,penat gila jadi spokeperson nih.
But samsung bayar aku lebih sikit,so that's why I explain more to samsung.
Seriously aku nak gila semua nih!
Samsung Galaxy Note! I want you more than anyone and anything else!
Please come to mama baby!

My heart gonna break
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You know Hyuna? Hahaha I bet yes! She's the most hottest girl ! I like her cute side but not so like with her over sexy side. And most of her colabo is with my favourite boys. Hahaha it's not like im angry or what, but its more to jealous.

First : Lee Joon

Lee Joon in Bubble Pop. My friend told me to watch it cause Lee Joon is so fuckin handsome in that MV, but sorry I can't even watch it. Actually, when the first time I know Lee Joon, I don't even like him because I thought he loves to show off her tough body too much. But,after watch all the show with Mblaq, only then I know that he just a innocent boy and a BABO . Hahaha and that's why I like him so much. But with him in the Bubble Pop MV sorry I can't watch it. I accidentally watch it once on Kpop Hitz cause I didn't know that MV will be out . Okay, that was my first time watch it and without my desire. Hahaha. But one thing Hyuna is so hot and cute!

Second : Zico

Zico is a Block B member. I like him . He's a rapper for Hyuna ,Just Follow. I'm not that jealous with Hyuna with this colabo. Hahahah. But still, Zico is one of my favourite boy.

Third : Hyunseung

The most heartbreaking one! Hahahaha. So fucking crazy. I swear i'm not going to watch the MV for the rest of my life without my desire. I don't know what will happen when Hyunseung is my ultimate bias. Uhhh can't even imagine that. Hyuseung is so funny, he had so much questions to ask and that makes him cute . But when, he show the toughness side no one would put him aside. When I saw him in MAMA "OHMYGOD" is that him? HAHAHA okay he just so damn cute and hot!

Hahahaha okay  im jealous enough.
Hyuna is surely hot!
That's why my heart gonna break  if she could  take my ultimate bias.
Dongho ya! Keep your faith with me!
Hahahahaha ;D