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SPM 2012
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 @ 3:06 AM | 0 notes

Well, as a people or a student I have a lot of dream. I don't how to say if there's someone who's really don't have a dream (it is tho) . You're so yeahhh *that* hahahaha. Eh for your information i'm going to be seventeen next year , but the official one is about 10 months more. Going to seventeen is so hard, stress, crazy, awesome, and what's more? Ada SPM kot! As in Malaysia SPM is one of the big exam and mostly it's the lead of our future. Errr maybe im to over saying kot. The awesome thing is about being a senior and it will be my last year of school huahuhua. Actually being a senior to me is nothing cause im just like a 'skema' girl but don't you ever to imagined that im the same as in the drama. I don't talk to people much so that's why there's awkward everywhere Hahahaha. So lets start the wishing.

Spm!! Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia! Every single person who is seventeen will take this exam and its so dangerous! Wow! I don' how to face this big exam. I wonder why they made us to study all of the hard things, I mean like yeah it may be used but what's for. I need a teacher who can explain why I need to learn all those things. So here's the biggest wish for me this year, it's the BIGGEST BIGGEST okay straight A's SPM 2012! So lets start study so hard as I can, Yeah! ANIS NADHIRAH BT MOHD SHARUDDIN IS THE BEST! hikhikhik