Loving my life
Five months to go...
Saturday, May 5, 2012 @ 1:10 PM | 0 notes

Hello everyone :)

It has been a long time right? Well, I'm getting busy lately. Spm are getting nearer and my feelings? Takut sampai dah nak mampus! Sekarang aku dah start tuition and alhamdulilah aku dah dapat catch up Add math and Physics well :) Chemistry and Biology ni haa yang bagi problem lagi. Chemistry ni aku tak paham laa kenapa kakak aku hebat nak mampus, and even sekarang dia tengah buat degree pasal chemistry. Aku? Hampeehhh!

Now, its already May and 5 more months till SPM. Like seriously 5 months left? Ohhh damn! My life are gonna be sucks from now on. I'll always be with book,questions,papers,exam. Huhh. I can't wait to end my school life but I can't bear to face SPM.