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I must say this
Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 3:14 AM | 0 notes

I . Must . Say . This.

I feel so lucky to be a Kiss me. U-kiss is always taking care of their fans. They always shows their gratitude to their own fans. And now, they even made an album that is special for their fans. It is called 'The Special To Kiss Me". It shows how much they love and thanked to KissMe. From what I can see, U-kiss is the only group that take so much care about their fans. It's not that other group does not take care of their own fans. It's just U-kiss is taking care of their fans more than any other group. I'm a fan of many other kpop groups, but I feel like U-kiss is the only group that really show their love for their fans.

I just love how they never give up. Even though they never win in any music shows in Korea, but they never give up. They debuted on 2008 and it has been 5 years. Uwaaa~ Seriously, they have a Strong Heart! Hehehe. I wish they could win once , especially in Korea. They're popular internationally and had KissMe on all over the world. But Korean fans seems to not have interest in U-kiss. I feel so sad :( That might be the reason why it's hard for them to even win for once. So..

Please, give U-kiss more attention and help them win for once. I'm begging you :3
I gave all my heart to U-kiss.
                                   UKISS, KISSME's FIGHTING!♥

Let's give your love to U-kiss by listening to this song :D


At last, I met them
Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 9:37 AM | 0 notes

It's almost a week. But I just can't forget the awesome peoples that I just met last friday! Guess who that I met? Hahaha I don't think you could answer it so let me tell you the answer. I met my ultimate favourite group ever, UKISS! I met Dongho! My dream lover *fangirling like hell* Hahahahaha I also met the others member Soohyun,Hoon,Kevin,Kiseop,Eli and Aj!

Let me start how my awesome day start...

Actually, aku dah rancang lama gila nak pergi jumpa dorang since I know that they will be perform. Even though, memang jelas yang aku akannn pergi. Tapi aku taktau kenapa aku rasa yang macam aku tak ditakdirkan jumpa dengan dorang lagi eceehhh *ayat dramatik* Aku plan pergi dengan Afiqah. And betul jangkaan aku yang aku takkan jadi jumpa dorang sebab Afiqah tak boleh pergi. Walaupun, Asmira, BB and Ezzah pergi but i'm afraid that i'll be soooo awkward with them. That's why laa aku macam putus harapan nak jumpa dorang :'(

Aku pun dengan persaan putus harapan pergi tanya kak ika ' sure nak pergi ni kak ika' and she said 'yes, for sure laa pergi' Again aku mintak kepastian ' serious?' It's because aku taknak menyusahkan dia hantar, teman aku apa semua. So she said 'Yup, pergi' Tapi, itu tak bermaksud yang aku akan jumpa dorang sebab I won't be there till night. But all that change when I met Asmira and Ezzah. Dorang macam yakinkan aku supaya aku pergi jugak jumpa dorang. Lagipun dorang dah dapatkan seat depan stage . Aku pun rasa yang aku rugii sangat kalau tak jumpa dorang kali ni. So I decided that I'll be meet them!

Waiting...waiting.. they're still not here yet? Ughhh kaki dah penat berdiri nih. Aku dapat seat betul-betul depan stage, thanks to BB and others sebab bagi aku join korang :) Then, dorang keluar. I was screaming like hell. Time dorang perform aku ikut nyanyi sekali. Like from the first song okay. My voice are all gone cause I don't sing but screming hahaha aku nyanyi sambil menjerit. Fangirling habis akuuu hahaha. I just can't believe that I met them in my real life. All this time I was just watching them on tv,paper,magazine,laptop. Erghhh awesome feelings!

You know what? Aj was staring at me for like 40 seconds kot? But he ignored me after that :3 How dare you boy? Hahaha never mind lahh. Donghoooo! Why don't you even come to me? I was standing for hours just to meet you in front of my eyes. But you just erghhhh! Hahahaha takpelah baby, I know you're tired :3 I had my awesome day ever! I met Ukiss, my fovourite group ever! Yeahhh!

I had my awesome day with them :)

You know what?
I was on kosmo for Hari Belia!
Lucky me for standing in front of the stage :P