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I must say this
Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 3:14 AM | 0 notes

I . Must . Say . This.

I feel so lucky to be a Kiss me. U-kiss is always taking care of their fans. They always shows their gratitude to their own fans. And now, they even made an album that is special for their fans. It is called 'The Special To Kiss Me". It shows how much they love and thanked to KissMe. From what I can see, U-kiss is the only group that take so much care about their fans. It's not that other group does not take care of their own fans. It's just U-kiss is taking care of their fans more than any other group. I'm a fan of many other kpop groups, but I feel like U-kiss is the only group that really show their love for their fans.

I just love how they never give up. Even though they never win in any music shows in Korea, but they never give up. They debuted on 2008 and it has been 5 years. Uwaaa~ Seriously, they have a Strong Heart! Hehehe. I wish they could win once , especially in Korea. They're popular internationally and had KissMe on all over the world. But Korean fans seems to not have interest in U-kiss. I feel so sad :( That might be the reason why it's hard for them to even win for once. So..

Please, give U-kiss more attention and help them win for once. I'm begging you :3
I gave all my heart to U-kiss.
                                   UKISS, KISSME's FIGHTING!♥

Let's give your love to U-kiss by listening to this song :D