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Friday, July 13, 2012 @ 11:21 PM | 0 notes

Remember this First Week ? Hehehe Memang mula-mula aku cakap yang aku tak suka kelas tu kan. Well, tak kenal maka tak cinta. After almost half year studying in that class, I feel that my class is the awesome class ever. Maybe orang lain tak rasa but I do feel that . Kenapa aku rasa kelas tu best? Sebab for the first time ever satu class united. Takde yang terpulau pun ( I think so?) So thanks korang sebab sempat bagi aku memori indah macam itu *sobs sobs* Ceeyyyyy

We got the best classroom teacher! She's the best!

Happy go-lucky people!

Played Futsal with them :D

The Girls. We are pretty enough :)

3 days 2 night at Gold Course. A Moment to remember!

Retard things we do. No one can be us ( beat me actually) HAHAHA
With Deskmate :)

I will miss this class forever!
Hehehehe let's achieve our dream together!
I'm an Optimis!