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Again, I'm in love with Lee Min Ho
Sunday, September 16, 2012 @ 3:42 PM | 0 notes

It was already the third time , about me in love with Lee Minho. How on earth it become the third time right? Hahaha well , you know, i'm that type of girl who's easy to like someone and also easy to hate someone. Yeah, I'm awesome for having such a great talent. But this kind of talent is very dangerous when I'm already married with my husband. I mean like poor my hubby for having a wife who will always look at other guys. Hehehehe I don't know how it will be like, and since I never met someone who's I really love. Seventeen years of living peacefully, never been in a relationship. Woww! I'm proud of myself . Back to the tittle, I'm in love with Lee Minho, again. This feelings, I blame the Faith drama for letting me being such a crazy girl. Hahahaha I'm watching Faith drama right now , and it's really a great drama. Lee Minho is too cute and too hot. OMG! *dies*

This is how I acted when I was watching Faith alone without any distraction .

Act 1 : ' AAAAAAAAAA! *bite my hands* *poking his face, I mean my lappy* '

Act 2 : ' STUPID JERK!!! *shouting at him* This is all your fault, I can't even focus on drama, erghhhh! Lol'

Act 3 : ' Why! Why! WHY! How did you become so hot and even so damn cute when you're smiling?     
             WHY?! '

Act 4 : ' You! Wait, I'll come to you someday. Be ready! I'll be marrying you. * determined *

Sooooo that's how he made me being such a crazy person. Yeah, talking to the lappy like a crazy person. Sometimes I could even cry thinking of how hot he is HAHAHAHA.  Ahaaaaaaa . Look down here! The criminal! Beat him alive!

Dongho yaa , Daeryong oppa. Mianhae,  I can't help it. 
It's not my fault. If you wanna beat someone, then beat Minho.
Because he's the reason why I put you guys aside. Hehehehe

Trial ended. The real wars begin.
Saturday, September 15, 2012 @ 5:31 PM | 0 notes

People *scream*! I'm done with my SPM trial yesterday. So now i'm taking a day break . Now, SPM seriously are just only a few steps away. It's so damn close wehhh . I don't know how to face it, my brain are still not full with the answer yet. I'm going crazy muahahahaha.

By the way, last week ada family gathering afeter raya. So here's my buddies! I LOVE MY COUSINS! MUAAAHH GUYSS :*

Look at this cute kid! Hahahaha it's me laaaa. I put some make up on my innocent face and..... I look great :O Hahahahahahaha