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Again, I'm in love with Lee Min Ho
Sunday, September 16, 2012 @ 3:42 PM | 0 notes

It was already the third time , about me in love with Lee Minho. How on earth it become the third time right? Hahaha well , you know, i'm that type of girl who's easy to like someone and also easy to hate someone. Yeah, I'm awesome for having such a great talent. But this kind of talent is very dangerous when I'm already married with my husband. I mean like poor my hubby for having a wife who will always look at other guys. Hehehehe I don't know how it will be like, and since I never met someone who's I really love. Seventeen years of living peacefully, never been in a relationship. Woww! I'm proud of myself . Back to the tittle, I'm in love with Lee Minho, again. This feelings, I blame the Faith drama for letting me being such a crazy girl. Hahahaha I'm watching Faith drama right now , and it's really a great drama. Lee Minho is too cute and too hot. OMG! *dies*

This is how I acted when I was watching Faith alone without any distraction .

Act 1 : ' AAAAAAAAAA! *bite my hands* *poking his face, I mean my lappy* '

Act 2 : ' STUPID JERK!!! *shouting at him* This is all your fault, I can't even focus on drama, erghhhh! Lol'

Act 3 : ' Why! Why! WHY! How did you become so hot and even so damn cute when you're smiling?     
             WHY?! '

Act 4 : ' You! Wait, I'll come to you someday. Be ready! I'll be marrying you. * determined *

Sooooo that's how he made me being such a crazy person. Yeah, talking to the lappy like a crazy person. Sometimes I could even cry thinking of how hot he is HAHAHAHA.  Ahaaaaaaa . Look down here! The criminal! Beat him alive!

Dongho yaa , Daeryong oppa. Mianhae,  I can't help it. 
It's not my fault. If you wanna beat someone, then beat Minho.
Because he's the reason why I put you guys aside. Hehehehe