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Cheated by 'ultimate' bias
Wednesday, August 17, 2016 @ 7:53 AM | 0 notes

Hi hi hi hi hi oh hi there! Its been years people and i mean years. Guess it is 4 years since the last post. But i already deleted the some of childish post back when i was immature. Even i still am. Now I am 21 and I only left with a year and half before i finish my degree! How fast time flies that the last post i wrote is back when i was still in high school.

I am writing this because now i am in semester break and so damn bored man. I just want to write everything here and tell you guys what am i doing now hahaha it would be great if i am writing this with the news that i am married just like my ultimate bias did. Just so you know that my bias is from UKISS called Dongho.

I remember how much i adore this photo, i printed it and even put in my wallet :(

He cheated me! Because back in 2013 he said that he's going to drop out from the group and also stop being an entertainer. You know what ? the time when i saw those news and it absolutely break my heart, well he is my ultimate bias and i always imagined marrying him (i know every fangirl did) So i am being respectful of his decision because i know he is sick and very squish like hahaha BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!!

Earlier this year i saw the news that he is going to be married!!! He is just a year older than me,so imagine how young he is to tie a knot. My heart is shattered into a million pieces and all my 3 years of loving him is gone. So lot of people were in doubt why should he be married at such a young age unless his girlfriend is pregnant. But he told that was not the reason because he is just sooooooo in love with his girlfriend (now his wife) . 

So okay, he is married and suddenly after only like 1 to 3 months of marriage he becomes a dad!!!!! OH MAI GOD!!! HE IS A DAD! HE GOT A BABY UNDER HIS NAME! Again i am being cheated by him. AGAIN, ITS AGAIN! MY ULTIMATE BIAS IS NOW A DADDY! 

He is just a year older than me which is 22 and his wife is 21 which is the same age with me! that's the reason why i am like this. After his marriage, and after he becomes a daddy and he told everyone that he is going to be back on screen again which i mean by being an entertainer again and which he told back in 2013 that he is going to stop! AGAIN! CHEATED! I don't know should i be happy or should i be mad, it would be awesome if he is back and he is not anyone husband and not anyone daddy. Well, he is leader of the family now, and i guess he need something to do to earn the money to support his family. Okay okay, i am done with this! Since he is once my ultimate bias so i should be happy if he is happy. Oh my god that is so cliche. WELL MAN GOODLUCK IN YOUR NEW LIFE, I FOUND SOMEONE BETTER HAHAHAHA.

Now there is nothing like 'ultimate' bias in my life. Because i had being cheated by one before HAHAHA so now i just had several bias and hoping that they will be nice to me. Okay i am doneeeee!